Lilou is...
very personal and unique

Chic, creative and affordable jewelry around eternal symbols for a new generation searching for customized expressions of fashion and soul-minded creations.            
From minimal chic to romantic rock personalities.
Wear one or combine them all. Shape your message and write your story with LILOU charms.
LILOU is very personal and unique.
LILOU is designed for people who enjoy life, try different styles, and express themselves through fashion. 
LILOU makes your most cherished moments last forever. 
LILOU designs are symbols of happiness, love, and friendship. They are charms that preserve your sweetest memories. 
LILOU is 100% beautiful emotions.
Designed to express your own most treasured feelings.
LILOU jewelry and accessories are created for women, men, and children.
This is the company I created. 
This is LILOU.

Magdalena Mousson-Lestang