Love Collection

The Love collection is a combination of a subtle chain and the word LOVE inscribed on every item of the collection, giving it unique power. The power of love! Made of 585 hallmarked gold, the jewellery will be a perfect gift and an excellent way to express feelings!

All you need is… LOVE!

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Infinity Collection

The Infinity collection is a symbol of infinity, which
by twisting around your hand, becomes a talisman
of most beautiful emotions. It symbolizes durability and eternity.

It is the power of dreams and unlimited possibilities.

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Lune Collection

The Lune collection was inspired by the moon – desired for ages, mysterious for millions, reached by few, the guardian of dreams and wishes, as well as a trusted confidant.

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Be my Lilou

Leather goods by Lilou are stylish and made of best quality materials. Limited series designs are perfect and unique gift ideas.

Luna and Halley, our latest bag designs, are personalised with talisman pendants, which can be engraved with a special statement. Thanks to it, they become personal and unique.

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Mother-of-pearl jewelry

The cult designs of classic Lilou mother-of-pearl talismans are a great choice for those who love subtle yet alluring jewelry.

With a personalized engraving, the charms can help you keep your most cherished memories for longer.

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The glorious sparkle of 585 gold

Jewelry made of 585 gold is an excellent gift for your sweetheart. Eye-catching, it shines with timeless beauty. A personalized engraving will add a unique touch and help you convey your feelings.

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Even more personalization…

Thanks to the innovative method, we may now transfer hand-made inscriptions and drawings onto your favourite talismans and you can enjoy even more personalization!

Special engraving is a great solution which allows you to take your child’s drawing or a declaration of love always with you.

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Baby Shower

The joy of expecting and the first moments with your baby are some of the most precious experiences a young mother can have.

Keep these memories forever on a talisman of your choice personalized with your own engraving.

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For the little ones

The Lilou talismans full of positive imagery are the perfect gift for every child. Not only will they bring a lot of joy, but they will also help in expressing feelings.

Customizing them with a personal engraving will enable to preserve these carefree moments and the most beautiful memories.

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For a wedding

Experience this unique day together with Lilou. Remember the most precious moments thanks
to talismans of the most beautiful emotions.

Personalization with engraving will help you immortalize the memories and the feelings.

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Flowers collection

The Flowers collection was inspired by the flower-covered gardens of Louvre in Paris. The Lilou jewelry decorated with forget-me-nots symbolizes happiness, joy and gratitude. Delicate flowers reflect the unpretentious nature of the jewellery and enrich the subtle composition with spring lightness.

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Baroque collection

One of the most beautiful and most expressive periods in the world’s history inspired us to create this unique jewellery collection. Baroque collection marries statement designs with radiant crystals. These jewellery pieces reflect the beauty of Baroque period and constitute perfect gifts. Crystals symbolise infinite power, and a lily, an inherent brand talisman, symbolises happiness and glee.

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Peacock collection

Art Nouveau motives, timeless strength and a majestically beautiful and graceful peacock served as our inspiration for this collection. Peacock collection celebrates womanhood, exoticism and sensuality. Earrings offered as part of this collection feature beautiful stones whose symbolism amplifies the unique meaning of Lilou talismans. Onyx attracts good luck, and prehnite symbolises strength and power. 

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Feathers Collection

Feathers are a synonym of courage, motivation, and endless opportunities. Talismans that may not only be the focal point of each outfit, but also a reflection of inspiring emotions.

Thanks to personalization, Feather can be engraved with the name of a person close to you, an important date, or even a declaration. 

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Collection Eternity

The uniquely subtle new jewellery line, Eternity, has the infinity sign at its core.

The collection consists of earrings, which you can adorn with your favourite charm and personalize with a personal message, a ring, and a bracelet.

Trust the unending bond by Lilou!

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