Silver Winter

Silver jewellery adds the shine to both daytime
and evening outfits. Choose the talisman in the most fashionable colour of winter and personalize it with
a personal engraving.

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Christmas stars for your loved ones

Feel the magic of Christmas and make this year’s Christmas truly special. Give your loved ones a personalised jewelry in the shape of a star, a symbol of happiness, success and excellence.

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Even more personalization…

Thanks to the innovative method, we may now transfer hand-made inscriptions and drawings onto your favourite talismans and you can enjoy even more personalization!

Special engraving is a great solution which allows you to take your child’s drawing or a declaration of love always with you.

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Gifts full of the most beautiful emotions

Clover symbolizing happiness and prosperity. Heart that is a talisman of love and care. Lily reflecting natural beauty and revival.

Give your loved one a personalized Lilou jewelry full of positive emotions.

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Angelic Beauty

Angels symbolizing beauty, nobility and innocence, and wings symbolizing freedom and protection are excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Create a unique style and add your personalized engraving to express your feelings and care.

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Feathers Collection

Feathers are a synonym of courage, motivation, and endless opportunities. Talismans that may not only be the focal point of each outfit, but also a reflection of inspiring emotions.

Thanks to personalization, Feather can be engraved with the name of a person close to you, an important date, or even a declaration. 

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For the little ones

The Lilou talismans full of positive imagery are the perfect gift for every child. Not only will they bring a lot of joy, but they will also help in expressing feelings.

Customizing them with a personal engraving will enable to preserve these carefree moments and the most beautiful memories.

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For a wedding

Experience this unique day together with Lilou. Remember the most precious moments thanks
to talismans of the most beautiful emotions.

Personalization with engraving will help you immortalize the memories and the feelings.

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Eternity Collection

The uniquely subtle new jewellery line, Eternity, has the infinity sign at its core.

The collection consists of earrings, which you can adorn with your favourite charm and personalize with a personal message, a ring, and a bracelet.

Trust the unending bond by Lilou!

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