About Lilou's


Lilou is...

Lilou brand was created by Magdalena Mousson-Lestang in 2008.

Mother of three sons, she spends her time between Paris,

Palma de Mallorca and Warsaw.

Open-minded, world explorer close to her familly, she expresses

her life philosophy on her authentic and unique brand.

Her creations are everlasting, feminine and full of good emotions.


Lilou's Quality

Lilou designs are registered and patented in the Patent Office. Lilou products are made according to the company’s own original projects which are faithful to the brand philosophy. Lilou is characterized by its uniqueness and care for the quality of its products. Modern casting technologies, attention to the smallest detail, precision of manufacture and manual polishing ensure jeweller’s quality to Lilou jewelry. Special care is required due to the materials used in the manufacturing of Lilou jewelry. In order to avoid Lilou jewelry being mechanically or chemically damaged you must not expose it to :

  • Contact with detergents
  • Strong cosmetics, like perfumes
  • Contact with water

We advise to keep your Lilou jewelry encased in soft cotton bags and lined boxes specially designed for this purpose. Dirty silver or gold-plated elements can be cleaned using appropriate liquids and wiped with soft cloth after rinsing.


Passion of creation